Challenge-based research

The ECIU University implements a new model of research and innovation, based on a virtual collaborative environment in which scientists and researchers of the member universities jointly undertake research initiatives and project activities.

ECIU offers researchers:

  • More projects and cooperation opportunities within the consortium

  • Scientific community to exchange thoughts and ideas (R&I HUB)

  • Easy way to find partners for your projects

  • Researcher Mobility Fund

  • 5 main research fields

  • Events and workshops for researchers 

The ECIU University research strategy is aimed at addressing complex research challenges.

The ECIU R&I Agenda has been developed through a co-creative process, with topics of common interest identified by researchers as a source of guidance and inspiration. ECIU is building open, interdisciplinary communities of researchers and stakeholders working together to address societal challenges in 5 thematic areas:

  • Energy and Sustainability

  • Circular Economy

  • Transport and Mobility

  • Resilient Communities

  • Citizen Science

Researcher Mobility Fund (RMF)

The ECIU University is committed to ensuring that its researchers are connected across all member institutions.

A researcher at any member institution of the ECIU University may apply for a grant for travel and associated costs to visit researchers at other member institution to establish and extend scientific collaboration.

ECIU University recognises the importance of developing a culture of transnational and multidisciplinary collaboration among its researchers at different member institutions all together. 

The Aim of the ECIU University Researcher Mobility Fund:

  • Promote interactions and strengthen research collaboration among researchers across all member institutions of the ECIU University.

  • Catalysing international research excellence and improving high-quality research outputs within ECIU University, for example towards joint research funding applications, publications, and research projects.

  • Support professional development in research career through acquiring specific know-how from experience and good practice at another member institution.

  • Provide access to excellent research facilities at member institutions of the ECIU University.

To find out more about the Researcher Mobility Fund at Lodz University of Technology contact  

Research Support Center

ECIU Research & Innovation HUB


  • Expert guidance

  • Information about funding opportunities and calls

  • Invitations to events and workshops

  • R&I community from 14 universities

At ECIU University, we offer researchers a platform where they can network, collaborate and connect with stakeholders from businesses and institutions.

Together, we aim to create a global and diverse community that works together to inspire progress.

The R&I Hub is a digital community aimed at bringing researchers together with peers and stakeholders, providing them with a space to network, connect and collaborate as part of the ECIU Community.