ECIU University

The ECIU University is the first European university where learners, teachers and researchers cooperate with regions, cities and businesses to solve real-life challenges requiring specific European multi-disciplinary approaches.

Key elements of the ECIU University are:


    The ECIU University is based on the model of challenge-based innovation, research and education, integrating the needs of the society, research and industry for personalised learning. The ECIU University is a European-wide ecosystem where demands for innovation unite seamlessly with motivated individuals and teams contributing to Europe and its regions. A hybrid, digitally-enabled space will allow communities to collaborate across boundaries.


    The ECIU University is an innovative test bed of a combined European Education and Research Area. The main focus in education is based on highly personalised, flexible challenge-based learning pathways with a strong focus on research-based micro-credentials. European micro-credentials are at the core of the educational pathways offered by the ECIU University.

    For staff, the ECIU University is a flexible and agile testing ground for novel education beyond national boundaries. It is the breeding ground for new educational and research models, the space for conducting open research and innovation as well as connecting with multiple stakeholders at different levels throughout Europe.

    The ECIU research agenda is set based on the needs of society with an integral connection to education. In the ECIU University, researchers conduct open research and innovation and develop a career by moving between the ECIU University stakeholder organisations in an intersectoral way.


    The ECIU University is about co-creation. We work and create value empowering of our learners and partnerships. We nourish our people to step in and stand up for the benefit of the community and society, at the same time co-creating value for themselves.

    For learners, the ECIU University membership is an essential part of their personal development and career planning, providing personalised and intelligent access to cutting-edge knowledge, peers and employers. Learners find opportunities to work and learn with diverse stakeholders throughout Europe.

    For private and public organisations, the ECIU University membership means continuous access and participation in shaping knowledge and talent, as well as open, creative collaboration. Cities and regions are interconnected to maximise benefits of the ecosystem, enterprises find benefits in like-minded stakeholders, researchers and learners.


    Digital transformation is at the core of the ECIU University, enabling innovations in education and research. In 2030, the ECIU University will function as a hybrid, digitally-enabled learning space, open for innovation and knowledge fit for low-cost, high-quality and people-centric services. We apply cutting-edge technologies broadly, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data, and test new concepts.

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