European Student Assembly flashback


A flashback of our 3 student representatives from ESA in Strasbourg.

May 03, 2024

In April 2024, 3 student delegates from TUL attended the European Student Assembly hosted at the European Parlament in Strasbourg. They represented our university, but also, together with 12 other students, they represented the ECIU. This is how they saw the event:

Eliza Podsiadła: 

The assembly was a melting pot of ideas, where passionate students, academics, and professionals came together to discuss the future of Europe. Engaging in thought-provoking conversations, we explored various facets of education, innovation, and cross-cultural understanding. The richness of perspectives reminded me of the immense potential that lies within collaboration. 💡

As a member of Panel 7, our focus was on preserving and celebrating European Heritage. Over three intense days we crafted seven impactful policies aimed at safeguarding our shared cultural legacy. From architectural landmarks to youth engagement, our policies spanned a wide spectrum, emphasizing the need to cherish and protect what makes Europe truly unique.

Alicja Zielińska: 

It was an enriching experience filled with insightful discussions, diverse perspectives, and collaborative efforts towards the future of Europe. This event served as a fantastic platform to engage in meaningful debates, foster connections, and work collectively towards a common goal. Moments like these remind me of the power of collaboration and the importance of embracing diverse viewpoints. 🌍

Check their flashbacks here: