Key-point of the ECIU4Ukraine project: ECIU University opens its doors for the Rectors of the Ukrainian Universities


As we informed previously, Lodz University of Technology, on behalf of the ECIU University, is leading the project ECIU4Ukraine. This is a one-year project, financed by the National Agency for Academic Exchange.

Nov 08, 2023
Administrative staff

PLN 1 million was granted for different activities to support the Ukrainian academic community in the hard conditions of war and to help them get integrated smoothly into the European Higher Education Community. The second topic is now being discussed at a very high level. Rectors and higher managing staff of the Ukrainian partners in the project have come to the University of Twente – the headquarters of the ECIU University – to discuss the common future of the higher education in Europe and Ukraine.

The training is led by CHEPS – the highly prestigious Center for Higher Education Policy Studies. It is a research institute at the University of Twente, which makes a significant impact on the development of higher education in Europe. The training has started on November 8th and will last till November 10th. For 3 days participants will discuss issues crucial for the strategic development of the universities: building university ecosystem, research and university financing in Europe.

At the beginning of the training, guests were warmly welcomed by Dr. Harry F. de Boer – the coordinator of the training, and Prof. Dorota Piotrowska – Director of TUL’s International Cooperation Centre and Coordinator of the of the ECIU4Ukraine project.

Participants had also a chance to get to know closer the idea of the European Universities Initiative, as well as the ECIU University in particular thanks to the presentation of Katrin Dircksen – ECIU Secretary General.

Three intensive days are just ahead of the participants, and that would be a huge step towards deepening the cooperation between the ECIU and the Ukrainian universities.

More activities will happen within the upcoming months under the ECIU4Ukraine project.