Lunch & Learn at ECIU


The regular online event Lunch & Learn will be held on Wednesday 25 October 2023.

Oct 20, 2023
Administrative staff

ECIU University invites you to the next online session of the Lunch & Learn event. At ECIU we meet together once a month to have lunch and discuss different topics common to all our partners. Everyone can join us and meet online people from ECIU universities. We already talked about the presence of ECIU on our campuses and shared some good examples. We discussed how ECIU influences our lives and how we impact ECIU and showed some stories and personal experiences. This time we will talk about BIPs. lended Intensive Programmes: what’s in it for you?

BIPs? What are they for? Get to know how they allow an enriching experience for both students and teachers allowing them to connect and get a real community-building experience! 

 Join this session to hear more about: 

1) how to organise Blended Intensive Programmes 

2) how the BIP organised at the institution made an impact on students. 

Get some food for thought during your lunch and get concrete elements in order to organise them at your institution!  With that said, there will also be time for you to share your thoughts on the topic, we'd love to hear your perspective!  

We hope you can join us on Wednesday 25th of October 13.00 - 14.00 CEST


Thank you for being with us. The next Lunch&Learn is planned on 22 November 2023.