Researcher Mobility Fund at Lodz University of Technology


The researcher, using funding obtained in the 2nd edition of the ECIU Researcher Mobility Fund at Lodz University of Technology, will travel to the University of Aveiro in Portugal. There she will conduct radioecological simulation research.

Jan 26, 2024

Magdalena Dlugosz-Lisiecka PhD, Prof. of the Interdepartmental Institute of Radiation Technology, is involved in modelling air pollution emissions by radioactive isotopes. Their presence is natural, although, of course, spectacular cases are known where an increase in radioactivity has occurred as a result of human activities. Given these potential risks and the fact that air pollution and climate change are linked, the need to monitor and analyze what we breathe seems obvious.

Using funding obtained in the 2nd edition of the ECIU Researcher Mobility Fund at Lodz University of Technology, the researcher will travel to the University of Aveiro in Portugal. She will conduct simulation studies there, the results of which will be compared with the monitoring results of her database. This database contains dose powers of pollutants occurring under specific meteorological conditions, collected in the Lodz area.

"I want to benefit from the experience of the team of CESAM - Center for Environmental and Marine Studies, in the field of modelling the distribution of contaminants, dust, and gases in the atmosphere on a large scale and with high variability of weather conditions. An element of the approximately two-week trip will be, the management of a BIG DATA-type database, which will further serve for chemometric studies, in which, with the help of mathematical and statistical methods, the factors of variability will be indicated, for example, the reasons for the increase in measured values of dose power in the ground layer of the atmosphere."

As she points out, an equally important part of the visit is to gain new experience in emissions modelling, including the selection of models and tools.

The Portuguese centre is renowned for developing excellent international research, on the biosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and anthroposphere.

CESAM has more than 500 researchers, doctoral students, and specialists in many fields, with expertise and experience in basic and applied research in the natural and social sciences, which is a unique asset of this research laboratory that is part of the University of Aveiro. Since 2014, CESAM has been rated as an "excellent" unit by the FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology).

One of the goals of the ECIU Researcher Mobility Fund is to intensify international cooperation. This is also what Prof. Magdalena Dlugosz-Lisiecka of the PLP is counting on.

"I would like to see joint research turn into permanent cooperation, if only in terms of scientific publications or research grants."

Original article, in Polish: https://www.zu.p.lodz.pl/modelowanie-i-symulacje-radioekologiczne?fbcli…