Searching for citizen science researchers at the TUL


A transdisciplinary, interdepartmental team of researchers related to citizen science is being established at the Lodz University of Technology. Interested parties are invited to apply.

Nov 30, 2023

The Citizen Science research team operating at the Lodz University of Technology within the ECIU (European Consortium of Innovative Universities), coordinated by Prof. Edyta B. Pietrzak, Ph.D., of the Faculty of Organisation and Management, invites researchers interested in the idea of open, democratic and inclusive science, sharing their knowledge, experience, research work and its results with representatives of other disciplines, institutions, non-governmental organisations, etc. to cooperation.

As part of the open science model, citizen science is a type of research that involves the cooperation of volunteers and professional researchers in scientific research, a form of science education and a social movement that builds a model of democratic education that aims to ensure the equitable distribution of knowledge and widespread participation in society.

Citizen science ventures:

  • involve citizens in research leading to a better understanding of the world
  • bring science closer to real expectations
  • open up research to the social world
  • make researchers more sensitive to societal needs

Such a dialogue between science and society contributes to mutual benefits - scientists gain an alternative perspective on their disciplines that can contribute to innovative research ideas, and citizens gain knowledge and a sense of participation and empowerment in modern science and technology.

Anyone wishing to co-create a transdisciplinary, interdepartmental research team working together to apply for grants from different disciplines, offering the opportunity to network, share good practice, find partners and develop joint funding applications, is invited to apply to Prof. Edyta B. Pietrzak.

We are waiting for applications until 31 January 2024 at: edyta.pietrzak@p.lodz.pl