ECIU Creathon in Sweden


Join the ECIU Creathon 2024 at Linköping University in Sweden! Help us build the digital city of tomorrow and make the lives of the residents of Linköping and Enschede better.

Mar 05, 2024

Creathon in Linköping and ECIU Day, May 13 – 15 2024

A unique opportunity to join the ECIU University Creathon Linköping University in Sweden! 

Join us on 13 – 15 May 2024 and help us to build the digital city of tomorrow and make the lives of the residents of Linköping (Sweden) and Enschede (Netherlands) better. 

Why join? 

  • Learn, create and innovate by solving a real-life problem  

  • Meet students from all ECIU universities and expand your network 

  • Meet local entrepreneurs and start-ups 

  • Free registration and support with a financial contribution towards accommodation and travel.   

The application deadline is 25 March, and the number of seats is limited! 

We are excited to announce that Linköping University will host the ECIU Creathon from May 13-15 this year as a central ECIU University community-building event! The students will work on a joint challenge between the cities of Linköping (Sweden) and Enschede (Holland).

The ECIU Creathon 2024 is a three-day event that will give you the chance to learn, create, innovate, and meet students from all ECIU universities. We are also preparing activities that will allow you to meet local entrepreneurs and start-up representatives. Check the programme and sign up! 

More information

The challenge for the Creathon has been published on engage.eciu.eu platform. The theme is “Build the digital city of tomorrow”. 

For this ECIU Creathon, each member university will support 2 students with a financial contribution towards the cost of accommodation and travel. 

You apply through the ECIU platform Engage. All the application information, requirements, and selection criteria are published on the platform. 

Apply here

The deadline for applications is 25 March 2024. If you are offered a place in the Creathon, you have to accept your spot by 28 March. To do so you must log in to your ECIU account and actively accept your offer. If the offer expires, the place will be given to the next in line.

See you in Linköping!!!