ECIU4Ukraine vol 2 - City Regeneration Congress in Lodz


We are hosting in Lodz a group of representatives from 10 Ukrainian universities who are participating in the ECIU4Ukraine vol 2 project.

May 14, 2024

The ECIU4Ukraine vol 2 project is just gaining speed. Representatives from 10 partner universities from Ukraine have arrived in Lodz to take part in the Regenerative City Congress. This year's theme is culture and the event has the title 'IV International Congress Culture of the Regenerative City'. During the congress, participants will discuss how culture influences social values and behaviour, what forms of culture can transform cities and how we can use culture to improve city life. Together with prominent experts, they will also seek answers on how culture can transform cities into a place that cares for the environment and stimulates the entrepreneurial spirit of its inhabitants. 

The arrival of guests from Ukraine was possible thanks to a project written at Lodz University of Technology and funded by the National Agency for Academic Exchange NAWA. Following the success of last year's first edition of the project, a continuation is being implemented this year in the form of the ECIU4Ukraine vol 2 project, which is run in cooperation with the European Consortium of Innovative Universities ECIU. The project aims to help Ukrainian universities and support their international integration, in these difficult times, by bringing them closer to the European Universities Initiative. During the one-year project, 10 partner universities from Ukraine will be involved in cooperation and academic exchanges led by the PL and ECIU.