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Invitation to ECIU Lunch and Learn 🥪 & 🚀 meeting. To Design In or Design Out? The possibilities and challenges of AI in Teacher Education.

Apr 17, 2024

Lunch and Learn 🥪 & 🚀 To Design In or Design Out? The possibilities and challenges of AI in Teacher Education

The capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) have rapidly increased over the past 2 years. The integration of AI in education presents interesting new ways for educators to harness AI capabilities to customise learning experiences, and personalise support for students with diverse learning needs and preferences.  

However, AI presents challenges particularly in terms of assessment of learning, extending opportunities for plagiarism and copyright infringement by learners, as well as potentially accelerating cultural misconceptions, biases and fake news.   

In this session led by Dr. Seline Keating of DCU, we will explore how the opportunities and some of the challenges relating to AI are being addressed in teacher education by partner universities within the ECIU Teacher Education network. 

Here below are the presenters and the topic they will address more specifically :  

  • 1st Presenter - DCU: Dr Alan Gorman & Dr Peter Tiernan 

Title: Bridging the Coursework-Placement Gap: Implementing an AI-enabled VR Environment to Support Student Teachers' Learning  

  •  2nd Presenter - LiU: Prof Linnea Stenliden and Ass Prof Karin Stolpe 

Title: AI literacy for student teachers: possibilities and challenges of implementing AI in teacher education 

  •  3rd Presenter - UiS - Ass Prof Marianne Undheim 

Title: Generative use of AI in kindergarten and early childhood teacher education 


We hope you can join us on Wednesday 24th of April, 12.00 - 13.00 CEST. HERE is the link to connect!