Summary of 2023


A summary of ECIU highlights in 2023.

Jan 01, 2024

2023 was a very important year for the ECIU and the TUL. Here is a brief summary:

  • Lodz University of Technology participated in two prestigious projects shaping the future of academic education in the European Union: FOCI (exploring the foundations of the future European Degree) and ESEU (seeking legal status for alliances of European Universities).



  • Our students actively participated in events such as the hackathon Create Tomorrow, where 9 teams represented the ECIU, including 1 from the Lodz University of Technology.  


  • During the European Universities Conference organised by FRSE, the Lodz University of Technology received an award for 'Erasmus+ Excellence'. The award was collected by Rector Krzysztof Jóźwik, who emphasised the advantages of being a member of the consortium and the engagement of the Lodz University of Technology. 


  • Since the beginning of this academic year, the Lodz University of Technology has displayed its educational offer on the ECIU platform engage.eciu.eu where micromodules and challenges are available for all students in the consortium. This educational offer is prepared by all ECIU member universities and is available to all our students. The micromodules and challenges are thematically diverse and can be conducted online, hybrid or onsite. Each has ECTS credits assigned to it, and the students can use these credits in their course of study, for elective subjects or add to their diploma supplement. Most new micro-modules and challenges are introduced at the beginning of the semester.


  • A delegation from the Lodz University of Technology also took an active part in the ECIU University Research Conference held in Barcelona. The conference had an innovative format, going beyond traditional structures. It was an interactive forum for discussing common challenges and joint research projects.


  • The ECIU4Ukraine project, funded by the National Agency for Academic Exchange and aimed at helping Ukraine, was also implemented throughout last year. Representatives from 10 Ukrainian HEIs were invited to ECIU events, and the principles of the consortium and modern teaching methods used in the European Union were presented. One of the training courses offered was aimed at Ukrainian academic authorities and presented the policy on higher education and science in the European Union and proposed solutions for Ukrainian universities. The project also involved the purchase of electronic equipment, including power generators. A closing conference of the project took place in December.


  • The most important development at ECIU in the second half of the year was the official launch of micro-credentials. The ECIU became the first European alliance to issue centralised micro-credentials with an electronic seal. This allows certificates to be issued centrally for participation in micromodules and challenges, which validate the skills acquired and courses completed. Ultimately, these micro-credentials will be collected as proof for academic development, re-branching or deepening specialisations.


We wish that the New Year 2024 will be even more ECIU: that it will be full of interesting micro-modules, meetings and other events organised by the consortium, where there is something for everyone! Happy New Year!!!